Worktops By Crown can serve you for all worktops related needs

At Worktops By Crown, we are committed to give you best worktop for your kitchen. We have continuous supply of wooden materials that can transform into fantastic worktops. No matter whatever space you have in your kitchen, our custom shaped worktop is going to fit into your kitchen. Because we can do accurate measurements, understand what shape would fit on your kitchen and send the requirement to our design team. Our design team makes the worktop and also visits your house. Because the designers need to visually see the space and coordinate with plumbers, tilers, electricians, and joiners.

What’s great at Worktops By Crown is you can choose wide range of materials including beech, oak, walnut, and bamboo. We collect the materials from reliable sources and we test the sustainability of each material. To make the sustainability longer we polish the worktops with three coats of Ruskins wood oil. Because, we want your solid wood worktop to last long without much care. Our finished worktop can withstand scratches and stains.

In recent years, we have has extended its service for worktop maintenance. Due to regular use, your old worktop has lost its stunning look. So, you need to give special care and maintenance to your worktop. Well, don’t think too much. Worktops By Crown is just a phone call away. We restore the look of your old kitchen furniture.

Worktops By Crown

Our kitchen maintenance team checks joints, cut-outs, all edges and the underside of the worktop and apply the appropriate action. We recommend you to use protective mat on worktop and buy only solid wood worktop to withstand the normal wear and tear associated with everyday life. We also use hygienic cleaning material to clean the worktop. We treat the damaged surfaces of worktops with multiple coatings of oil polishes.

So far, many appreciations we have obtained for our work from our customers. We wish that you will also join our clientele and we shall be glad to serve you by installing a new kitchen worktop in your kitchen or restore your old kitchen furniture. So, boost for your worktop or restore your old one with the help of Worktops By Crown.