Why is Oil Coat Important for A Wooden Worktop

The kitchen of your house is undoubtedly the busiest places inside the house. The surfaces of the worktops inside that room are often used for a number of different purposes and are used quite frequently. Apart from preparing food, storing utensils, serving meals, those work tops are also ideal for enjoying a drink. All these processes done quite frequently on the kitchen worktop mean fast wear and tear of the worktop. That is why, regular maintenance process taken care of quite diligently and proper care is important to keep wooden worktop of the kitchen in perfect shape.


Being natural products, wood is natural to be exposed to some degree of discoloration, change, the first step of which is the color yellow. The color deepens with time. Hardwood offers a durable and great looking surface to work on, inside the kitchen. Beech wood is popular among the choices, mainly due to the features like being dense, odorless and strong enough not to wear fast. Beech worktops are often capable of withstanding greater pressure to resist chipping. Compared to other similar materials, solidwood worktops made of beech get lesser amount of mark on surfaces. Therefore, this material is perfect for regular use.

Over the time, unlike other materials used in worktops, wood becomes richer and darker in color that gives an ever changing character to the room. In case, the wooden worktop becomes dented or marked, it is possible removing the ugly mark by gently sanding that particular area that reveals new surface from underneath. The best care of the wooden worktop can be taken by using oil. This is the natural lubricant that is not only easy to apply but adds a water resistant finish to the element too. After absorption of oil the worktop gets oil penetrated into the wood fibers that long lasting protection can be assured. It is good to do the coating process every six months.


Due to over use, the kitchen worktop might be subject to heavy wear and tear. Therefore, it might be necessary to do a re-apply of the oil more often, at least after every six months. The maintenance process makes the worktops retain their ‘’sheen’’ and ensure the fact that it looks gorgeous for a longer period of time. The oil film on the worktops makes any spilt liquid to form small drops on its surface and run off like rain drops do on a newly polished car.

What kind of kitchen furniture to buy first?

Kitchen is a beautiful place, where homemakers spend hours of time daily. You might like the sweet aroma of foods from the kitchen or just love to spend time in your kitchen. Won’t you prefer your home kitchen to be beautifully decorated? Surely, you will. To have a happy kitchen, you can have nice kitchen accessories.

Which kitchen furniture to buy?

Naturally, the type of furniture for kitchen will be much different than that you have in your drawing room or bedroom. A worktop is the first option to begin with. Whether you keep your cooking accessories or chop your vegetables into pieces, a worktop is a must have accessory.

Depending on your kitchen size and shape, you have to choose your worktop. The type of material, of which a worktop is made of are granite, wood, glass, steel etc. Each type of worktop has its advantages and disadvantages. If you go by the choice of best look, then a wooden worktop will be a nice choice. To understand how a solid wood worktop will look like, check the gallery of solid wood worktop in kitchen from this link .


Kitchen Furniture - Worktops


In case you are skeptical about the maintenance of a wooden worktop, here is a simple tip to keep your wooden worktop undamaged despite using it years after years. Just choose a worktop that not hollow from inside. Yes, a solid wood worktop will be ideal for your case.

One benefit of solid wood worktop is that one can easily cut wood and fit the worktop as per your kitchen shape & size. For a stainless steel or granite you may not have that easy option. A solid wood worktop will be durable provided you give it oily polish from time to time. While polishing, several oil coats should be used to increase the longevity of the wooden material.

If you are convinced, start with buying a solid wood kitchen worktop. Then gradually buy other items such as chairs, stools and other kitchen items to make a happy kitchen.