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Delivery & Samples

When your solid wood worktops are ready for delivery, our delivery staff operation saves you both time and money, with a three hour timeslot, courtesy call thirty minutes before arrival and next-day delivery in available areas.

On arrival our two delivery personnel will carry your kitchen worktops unassisted to the ground floor room of your choice.

We promise that our solid wood worktops will be everything you are hoping for but if you are not sure which is the right finish for you, you can take advantage of our sample service.  Just request samples of the worktop finishes you like and we will send them to you straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should purchase worktops from Worktops By Crown

Worktops By Crown stock only the highest quality of solid wood worktops, all expertly made from FSC certified timber. We also aim to sell for the lowest prices in the UK, and delivery is free within the UK mainland.

What about Delivery?

We offer free delivery on all worktops.  All the worktops that we hold in stock can be dispatched straight away. Next day delivery is available if you place an order before 11am, however please call us to make sure that it is in stock if you need it urgently.

Can we provide samples?

We provide a full sample service, and if you place an order with us the cost of these samples will be deducted.

What measurements are needed?

Our experts will always calculate the most cost effective way to achieve your required work surface sizes. It is also a good idea to purchase slightly over, and this will enable you to fit the worktops on site, and allow for any miscalculations or errors with fitting. A member of our staff will confirm all measurements before manufacturing begins.
Because we cut these to order, we can ensure that your worktops will match as best as they can in terms of timber shade and grain.

What are the differences between our various worktops?

While all of our worktops are made from hardwood, there are slight differences in how they look and are treated. Standard Oak and Beech worktops have a stronger grain pattern, which results in more character in the wood. Prime worktops have a more subtle grain, which lends itself to more modern looking kitchens. Some hardwoods such as Wenge are very hardwearing, while Iroko has a high natural oil content – we have experts on hand to help you meet your needs whatever they may be. All our worktops are suitable for day to day kitchen use however.

How should the worktops be dealt with before installation?

When you receive the worktops, it is recommend that they are oiled by you, despite them being oiled by us too, and we recommend using Rustins Danish Oil. They should be installed as soon as possible, however if you do need to store them, they should lie flat, and be kept in a damp-free enviroment.

Do we have any tips for fitting worktops?

You will receive an installation guide with your worktops, and it is recommended that brackets are used to secure the worktops to the kitchen cabinets. This will still allow a slight amount of movement of expansion of the timber work surface.

Using an Upstand will hide the small expansion gap required when fitting solid wood worktops, and upstands will also enable the worktops to be fitted to un-square walls without the need to cut large sections of the worktop itself.

To join the worktops, use a 90 degree  standard butt-join. Worktop connector bolts are used on the underside of the worktops to securely clamp them together. Insert worktop sealant between the worktops and apply a bead of sealant to the top surface during installation to create a water resistant seal, before sanding the top surface once the sealant has dried to create a smooth join.

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